I received this letter this week from Werner Zach’s family.
I thought I would share it here.

To Superb Congregation…
I am Werner Zacharias daughter, Telita Janzen, and am writing for us and for my father, as he now has Alzheimer’s and lives in Didsbury, AB Nursing Home. Dad and Mom left a large part of their hearts with your people there. He enjoyed the time spent with you so much. He told often of their adventures in travelling to Sunday School & Church, 80 miles Sundays; of the many talks, discussions in church, visits and tears together with your people. He told of snow storms, getting stuck, of gifts like 4 new tires, rolled up the aisle, of pails of ice cream!! You treated them so well.They told of lives being changed with commitments to Christ and of young people and children growing up, as well as of some illness and funerals. I remember some youth events. We wish you a wonderful celebration and God’s guidance thru the years ahead. Love and prayers from Telita (Janzen) Deloris (Willms) Gordon Z, Lorine (Hooge) Werner Zach. Dan passed away a year ago.

And this:
I’m sorry we won’t be able to be there for this important celebration. – John & Tina Bohn